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The Susan Fund provides financial and emotional support to those students facing staggering medical costs associated with cancer treatment in addition to the ever-increasing costs of higher education.

The Susan Fund is a non-profit organization exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3).
We are extremely fortunate to receive generous contributions from many different sources including individual donations, corporate gifts, foundations, and memorial gifts. All donations to the Susan Fund are tax-deductible. Please contact your financial adviser or attorney regarding major contributions.

Contributions go directly toward helping students affected by cancer. A donation to The Susan Fund is a fitting way to tribute to those who have been touched by this disease.

We are now accepting donations online using Paypal just click on our “Donate Now” button below or select our “Gift Donation” button to make a gift donation and name the gift information and request Acknowledgement be sent.

Or your tax-deductible contributions may be sent to: The Susan Fund Inc. 8 Hilly Field Lane, Westport, Ct 06880.

Good Search and The Susan Fund is a search site powered by Yahoo. When you sign up your charity it will receive approximately 1.5 cents for each search. Larger amounts are earned when you go to eBay through and make a purchase.

Large eBay users are very attractive as they earn money for The Susan Fund every time they have a winning bid or a Buy it Now. The money earned is as follows;

25% of eBay’s revenue (not sale price) is paid on all winning bids or Buy it Nows. $12.50 is paid for each new active user.

Note: These revenues to The Susan Fund are paid by eBay. They are not paid by the eBay user.

So how do you sign up? It is easy, easy, easy!!

  1. Search for
  2. You will see a place on the screen to enter your charity. Enter “The Susan Fund” As there are a number of charities with similar names scroll down the list until you see “The Susan Fund, Inc. (Westport, CT)”. Click on that and The Susan Fund will permanently be your preferred charity.
  3. Now go to the box above and either enter keywords for your search or search on eBay by entering eBay as your search term. If eBay is entered the results will be a number of eBay sites with a red heading underneath saying that this is a Goodsearch result. Now proceed as you normally would with your eBay search. Add sites to your favorites as appropriate.

Please remember to go though (perhaps using your favorites) when you bid and when you pay.

So many ways to donate and help so many well deserved children.

Memorial Gifts – The Susan Fund can receive gifts from families and friends wishing to remember loved ones in a special way.

Planned Gifts – A wonderful way to remember students with cancer and to create a legacy for future generations is to include us in your estate plans.

Thank you for supporting The Susan Fund.